here and There

“People don’t seem to reflect at all here !”

“I know right !!!?! I’ve noticed that too, everyone here is so preoccupied with themselves, they don’t actually take the time to think about stuff: life, the universe, our preeminent doom…”

“Yeah, and the one time they do, they write a blog about it!” *

*based on a true conversation 🙂

As work life finally catches up with me, I find less and less time to do what I do best: reflect. Reflection is good for the soul, but only in small doses. Too much of this good thing, and you’ll be wallowing in nostalgia.

Having a full time job, if done right can be extremely rewarding, but just as draining. Weekends are usually spent living the life of my kitten: eat, sleep, play  (with my kitten, ofcourse) and repeat. Guest appearances are also made by friends and family on occasion 🙂

It has been quite an eventful 6 months: moving countries, back at home, first job, adopting a kitten; and adjusting to it all! Although my friend was being totally sarcastic, blogging does force you to reflect; and reflection helps you to blog. As long as my mind gets to wander from the routine, I am happy. 😌


~P xo


  1. resilientLife · August 20, 2016

    The honesty, love this subject. Looking forward to more of your writing… reflections 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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