Unconsciously Conscious

On days like these, life has got me wondering, how much of it is pure coincidence and how much of it is my doing? I am not talking about the decisions we consciously take, but more about the subconscious ones. I am a big believer in speaking things into existence because it has (almost) always worked! But then life will throw you in a dark place, surely you didn’t ask for this, so why is this happening to you? Is this life’s messed up way of teaching you a lesson, you should have learnt ages ago? Or is it because you subconsciously choose to ignore all the red flags and life finally gave in?

On the flipside, things have happened that got me wondering, why me? Why have I been blessed with this awesome life- one that I got by doing absolutely nothing? Sometimes things happen that are way beyond our understanding, and that is okay too. Not everything warrants an explanation.  Some mysteries will remain just that, but as an adult, I hope that my life is shaped by my hopes and dreams, rather than my fears. Bad things happen to good people all the time, just like good things happen to bad people. It all depends on how you deal with what life throws at you, but just remember life is short. So, be kind, laugh lots, surround yourself with people that support you and love you for who you are and most importantly be grateful, always.


~ P xo

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