Reality (vs. Expectation)

I found it ironic that on Valentine’s Day, the daily prompt was “expectation“.

One part of me likes to believe that this day was totally made up by Hallmark as a genius marketing strategy, which has now turned into to become a global phenomenon. So knowing this, why play into this consumerist propaganda? However, there is always that small voice in the back of my head, that is expecting something. If you are single, you expect your crush to ask you out on this day (or ask your crush out). If you are dating someone, the added pressure of oh-shit-it’s-valentines-day-so-we-need-to-do-something-extra-today. Or, best case scenario (in my opinion): You expect absolutely nothing to happen. However, either way, the expectation is there.

If cupid struck right, you would have discussed the ridiculousness that comes with Valentine’s Day, with your partner. It saves you both time and money, which would have otherwise been wasted on over-priced roses and chocolates.

For my future beau (if/when you do read this): The way to my heart, is definitely through a dash of cynism and a sprinkling of sarcasm. Although, flowers and chocolates on any other day would also do, just not on Valentine’s Day. 😉

~P xo




One comment

  1. NewMoonPlan · April 19, 2017

    marketing – much like the diamond engagement ring!


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