Does skepticism have a shelf life?

What are you doing for yourself? Are you doing all those things that make you feel alive, make you feel happy, make you feel…?
As we all grew up, we’ve forgotten how to feel. Things have happened, making us question each and everything. What is this skepticism? And where has it come from? Can we just not do the things that make us feel good and think about it later? Instead, we’ll question it a thousand times, until it doesn’t even feel the same anymore. So, I wanted to make a list of some of the things that bring me joy, in no particular order, for the days I’m feeling a bit too skeptical.
– Long conversations
– Lazy Sunday afternoons
– Delicious meals
– Time spent with family & friends
– Cat’s purr
– Traveling
– Watching a T.V. show/ movie in bed
– Being appreciated
– Unexpected messages from the expected
– Glass(es) of wine
– Colourful sunsets
– When large amounts of smoke come out of a perfectly made hookah
– Perfect black dress
– When you order something online and it looks better than expected
– Hearing your mother tongue in a foreign country
– Cuddles – either with your pet or favourite human 🙂
– Finding that song you didn’t know the name of months after hearing it
– Having your phone on 100% charge
– Waking up refreshed after a nap
– Laughing out loud
– New beginnings
What are some your top picks? These are the things I look forward to and I know this post is totally self-indulgent, but on days I’m not feeling the best, self-indulgence is just what I need!
~ P (just another skeptic)

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