Not important.

I have nothing even remotely profound to say. I just want to acknowledge this time in history (my history, obviously) to say that I am officially addicted to streaming (?!?!?). I know right, what the hell! I am not a gamer, not even a noob, but I really enjoy watching them! What has this lockdown done to me?!

Watching a live stream gives me the same feeling of watching live t.v. I don’t have a t.v. so this will do. When people ‘superchat’ (or send money to their favorite YouTuber) for a shout-out, it reminds me of the time people would call their favorite radio show, for the same effect (do people still do this?).

I’m sure, I’ll move on to something more productive, relatively soon, but until then, thank you to the chess and Pubg streamers who have made this lockdown a little more entertaining!

~P xo

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