1 year and 2 tattoos later…

“Love is a tender kiss for most people. For me, she saves her sharpest axe.”

My 20s were basically me violently oscillating between caring too much and not caring enough. Now, nearing 30, I realize how flawed this all is. Yeah, it took me a couple of decades to get here, but finally I’ve arrived.

I thought a life devoid of emotion, was the only life to live – How it’s meant to be lived. If anyone showed the slightest bit of vulnerability, I would cringe. Now that’s all I crave.. (vulnerability not the cringing :))

I know usually around this time I get all poetic and reflective since I’m almost a year older, but this time it feels different. This time, I feel like I’m looking forward to it because this time, I’m even more me than I’ve ever been.

For me she saved her axe, maybe I never loved myself enough? It’s true though, she strikes when you least expect it.
As I learn to love myself all over again, I’ve realised what I need is to be surrounded by people who love themselves too, or who are atleast trying to.

We all have our bad days, of course, but for my last year in my 20s, I want to be surrounded by strength and tenderness. People, who like me, are loving themselves one day at a time.

~P xo

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